TOP Colon Cleanse for 2017 – Colon Cleanse

Colon CleanseThe colon is one of the parts making up the large intestine which is the last part of the digestive system. It has a function of reabsorbing fluids and processing of waste products in preparation of removal from the body. It is made up of four parts namely: the ascending colon, descending colon, transverse colon and the sigmoid colon. The ascending colon has the appendix and cecum, transverse colon has the transverse mesocolon and the colic flexures while the sigmoid colon is that part of the large intestine that is S-shaped.

Colon cleansing is a technique of eliminating toxic substances from the colon by removal of any feces accumulation. The two main ways of colon cleansing are: natural cleansing or visiting a practitioner to perform irrigation of the colon. The main idea behind colon cleansing it to expel the unwanted substances.

This involves the patient lying on a table and a pump with low pressure flushes several water gallons through a small tube inside the rectum. With the water in the colon the therapist performs a massage on the abdomen. The water is released as a bowel movement that is regular and in that process wastes and fluids are expelled. The process may be repeated and a single sessions lasts like an hour. The water temperatures and pressures used can vary. The water can be combined with coffee, enzymes or probiotics. These probiotics contain bacteria that is beneficial.

Natural Methods for Detoxing Your Body

The aims of natural colon cleansing are:

  • To improve the immune system
  • To prevent colon cancer
  • To help in weight loss
  • To improve the mental outlook

Top 10 Natural Remedies for Colon Cleansing

Top 10 Natural Remedies for Colon Cleansing1)Water
As we all are aware, the body is made of 75% water therefore to keep hydrated, one needs to take plenty of it.Colon cleansing too needs plenty of water. The intake should be at least 10-12 glasses per day. Regular consumption of water provides the body with enough liquid and lubrication to flush out all the wastes and toxic substances in a manner that is natural.

2)Lemon juice
Lemon is known for its ant oxidation properties. Mix some lemon juice with a pinch of salt and honey in lukewarm water in a glass then take it on an empty stomach each morning. It not only improves the movement of the bowel but also gives more energy and improves the skin condition.

3)Foods rich in fiber
Fiber usually prevents constipation allowing better bowel movement thus ensuring waste products are eliminated from the body. This fiber is present in fruits like pears, mangoes, apples and vegetables such as broccoli not forgetting whole grains, cereals, seeds and nuts.

Yogurt usually has some good bacteria and live cultures. The bacteria promotes digestion. It also has some calcium that ensures cells do not grow along the colon lining. Yogurt also solves some stomach problems such as indigestion and irregular bowel movement.

With its antioxidant properties ginger minimizes bloating and it improves the colon functionality therefore eliminating toxins and wastes. A teaspoon of ginger juice can be added to honey and water and be consumed 3-4 times a day. Ginger can also be added to herbal tea. This remedy is not recommended to expectant and nursing mothers though.

6)Aloe Vera
We all know aloe Vera as the most common detoxifier and it has that property of being laxative therefore qualifying to be a colon cleanser. The aloe Vera leaf is cut vertically to extract its juice which is added to lemon juice then refrigerated for some 3 hours then taken regularly.

7)Sea salt
Movement of the bowels is stimulated by sea salt and it eliminates toxins in fecal matter. You add a table spoon of sea salt to hot water, stir and left to cool then drank first thing in the morning. After drinking you wait for some few minutes then lie down and massage the abdomen around the area of the colon. This helps clear toxins from the digestive tract and the colon. Be sure to take a lot of fluids because this can bring about diarrhea. This process is not recommended for people with heart related issues or high blood pressure.

8)Juices from raw vegetables
Avoiding cooked and processed foods for a couple of days helps in properly cleansing the colon. These vegetables provide amino acids ,minerals, vitamins and enzymes that aid in breaking down and removal of wastes from the body. Some of the vegetables that can provide the juice are parsley, cucumber, beet roots, carrots, tomatoes, spinach and cabbage. The juice can be taken severally in a day.

9)Apple juice
Intake of apple juice regularly improves movement of bowels and ensures the digestive system and the liver function in a healthy way. It also improves toxic breakdown.

10)Cayenne pepper
It helps in breaking down the mucus present in the colon.

Some of the side effects of natural colon cleansing include:

  • -Perforation of the bowel
  • -Imbalance of minerals
  • -Depletion of probiotics
  • -Risk of infection
  • -Dehydration leading to dizziness
  • -Nausea
  • -Cramps
  • -Vomiting

Irrigation of the colon should be avoided if:

  • -One has recently been through surgery of the bowel
  • -There are hemorrhoids that are severe
  • -Presence of ulcerative colitis
  • -One has heart disease
  • -Presence of kidney disease
  • -Presence of tumors in the rectum or colon

Natural colon cleanse merits

  • -Increased levels of energy
  • -Reduced risk of cancer of the colon
  • -Natural improving of the movement of the bowels
  • -Bloating of the belly is reduced
  • -Weight loss
  • -Improves the immune system
  • -Skin complexion that glows

All of us want to feel and look good right? This whole process of colon cleansing helps in weight loss in that the harmful toxins present in the body that make it almost impossible for one to lose weight are eliminated.

Best Colon Cleanse: The Top 3 Colon Cleansers of 2017 Include

Best Colon Cleanse

Colovexus: It effectively overcomes fatigue, constipation, headache and unwanted gaining of weight. For those who used colovexus they had more than enough reasons to recommend it. One customer said ,"can't say enough good things about colovexus", another one cited, "Thanks colovexus" among others. The overall value out of 100 is 99/100,the safety is 100/100,the effectiveness is 98/100,long term results 99/100 and lastly the quality is 97/100

Lipoclen: It rapidly cleanses and makes one regain energy and vitality. It removes all toxins and gives one a slim look that is perfect by safely burning those unwanted fats. The overall value is 96/100,the safety is 98/100,the effectiveness is 95/100,long term results 96/100 and the quality is 95/100.

Futurebiotics Colon Green: It has supplements that are all natural with fiber and probiotics that fast cleanse the colon. Colon Green is made up of herbs and plant extracts that improve digestion and removal of wastes. Its overall value is 94/100,safety is 93/100,effectiveness 91/100,long term results 96/100 and the quality is 96/100.

To improve the health of the colon, one is advised to increase the intake of both soluble fiber and insoluble fiber which aid in eliminating most problems that are gastrointestinal like constipation. On the same note, there should be a high intake of lots of fluids. One should avoid alcohol and tobacco intake. The consumption of red meat should be reduced too because the health of the colon affects the overall body health. Thus a healthy colon guarantees a healthy body.